Did you ever have that feeling of duplicity?18 January 2016

It started 10 years ago when I was a General Manager for Future Shop. Every morning, five days a week, I had to organize a store meeting to kick off the day with my entire staff. At the beginning of my speaker experience, I was really nervous but I knew that ten minutes speech had to be dynamic, positive and useful! I had to communicate my vision and company directions to my employees by using personal values and experiences.

That’s when it started…

The first one to ask me was another General Manager, Mr. Dany Tremblay, who became a close friend:

“Martin, did you learn these lessons from the Me Inc.?”

“No Dany, I never heard about the Me Inc.!”

And it happened again and again. Employees, colleagues, friends were always asking me the same question and always giving me the same feedback:

“Martin, do you have a twin brother in the name of Sylvain Boudreau and you have to attend the Me Inc. conference, it is so you!”

One year ago for my annual sales meeting, I decided to hire Mr. Boudreau and present the Me Inc. to all my employees. You know what? They were right! I smiled and laughed the entire presentation. The values from the Me Inc. were matching my values 100%. The professional speaker, Mr. Sylvain Boudreau , was also a perfect fit!

So I’ve decided to make that call… You know that life-changing call?

Duplicity, a funny concept don’t you think?

Why are we always talking about PRICE?

Why are we always talking about PRICE?

January 18, 2016

I’m not talking about the Montreal Canadians goaltender! I’m talking about money. It is everywhere. You watch your favorite show on television “The Price is Right”. You go shopping at “Dollarama”. You turn on the radio to hear “Price Tag” from Jessie J. Wherever you go, whoever you talk to, whatever you do it’s always there. We live in the world of PRICE. In 2016, many of our questions, concerns and discussions are regarding pricing. But why? Because we want to know if the price is right! We want to make sure that the amount of money we are spending on a product or a service is the right one. Why are we so insecure on pricing? Because we have been fooled before. At first, we are born free, naive and predispose to the idea that the world is full of good intentions, that people around us are fair and that integrity is not an option. With life experiences, you are starting to question this world and these people. Remember the first time you fell in love? You dove face first in the pool of love. You believed there was no danger but there are people out there with their own agenda. Remember the first time you bought a car? So after the heartbreak, after spending hundreds of dollars to fix that car, you are building your own self defense mechanism. You are questioning the world around you. Thank God in 2016 we have access to a lot of information with the internet, television and all our Facebook and LinkedIn friends but is it enough and is it reliable? If you are a business owner or in some way in charge of selling a product or a service this is the challenge you are facing but don’t worry I can help you explaining pricing to your customers and be confident that YOUR PRICE I$ RIGHT!

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