Mêle-toi de tes affaires

Mind your own business!

The perfect follow up of the Me Inc. conference makes us understand the importance of our own impact and engagement. You and your team need a challenge to put words into actions? This conference gives you one!


Don’t wait for success... Go and get it!

Put your words into actions!

This conference shares the same Me Inc. basic principles that our decisions and attitudes directly impact our success. The Mind your own business conference is design to make you realize with humour the importance of taking care of our own personal and professional lives by meaningful actions. Stop thinking what people can do for you instead you have to focus on your own attitude and actions. Random events are not defining us but the way we react to these situations is definitely shaping our own identity. Forget why and focus on how!

Key concepts

  • 01Positive attitude, why is it so important?
  • 02Meaningful actions
  • 03How a detail makes a huge difference
  • 04Put your words into actions