Ne soyez jamais mal pris

Your price i$ right!

As salespeople, we are often comfortable discussing our products and services and explaining our competitive edge, but uncomfortable discussing our prices. Martin Tremblay will help teach you to be confident that your price i$ right!


After attending this conference, you will be convince that Your Price i$ Right!

Your price i$ right! :

Today one of the greatest challenges your sales force faces is explaining pricing to your customers. Help your staff own this part of the sales pitch. Give them the tools to contextualize your pricing. Customer loyalty is based as much on quality and service as it is on pricing. Your price i$ right… Be proud of it!

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Key concepts

  • 01What is price?
  • 02What is the difference between price and budget?
  • 03Who has to accept your price first?
  • 04Increase your average sales with customer satisfaction
  • 05How to be convinced and convincing
  • 06Why is making a profit so important?