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Workshop The Me inc.

The Me Inc. workshop delivers compelling life-changing personal and professional lessons for you and your team.


The Me Inc. conference is driven by results

This is one of the most popular conferences in Canada for a simple reason: it is a personal and professional life-changer!

What is the Me Inc. concept?

The Me Inc. means we are the owner of our personal corporation and in charge of multiple departments. Our decisions and attitudes directly impact our success.

The Me Inc. is a dynamic experience that helps us realize the importance of our professional involvement and the influence we have on our individual lives.

Our success depends on our attitude and how we choose to face challenges in our personal and professional life. A positive, winning attitude is key to strong results. The Me Inc. is designed to stimulate individual and team accomplishments.

To be nice and professional are the pillars of the Me Inc. We show you how to adopt this mindset and explain how it influences relationships with your colleagues and clients. Martin uses humour and authenticity to get straight to the point and challenges you to take care of your business. Success isn’t due to luck, but rather to attitude and hard work.

The Me Inc. is one of the most popular conferences in Canada since 2001 and will have a real impact on your daily life.

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Key concepts

  • 01Inspire your teams
  • 02Maximize attitude and performance
  • 03Accept and embrace changes
  • 04Increase sales
  • 05Build employees engagement
  • 06Create a customer service culture
  • 07Strengthen team work
  • 08Recognition is the key